Autoimmune cholangitis

Autoimmune cholangitis (AIC), also known as autoimmune cholangiopathy, is a chronic inflammation of the liver and a variant syndrome of autoimmune hepatitis.9

Autoimmune cholangitis is an idiopathic disorder with mixed hepatocellular and biliary involvement.10
Clinical features typically include fatigue and pruritus with laboratory indications of cholestasis. Serological findings include high titres of antinuclear antibodies (ANA) with or without smooth muscle antibodies (SMA) and an absence of antimitochondrial antibodies (AMA).9-11 Progression to sclerosing cholangitis is possible.12-16
There are no uniform diagnostic criteria for autoimmune cholangitis and its characterisation is still evolving; however diagnostic criteria include:10
Histopathology of liver tissue reveals bile duct injury in the form of cholangitis and ductopenia with signs of variable intensity of autoimmune hepatitis.9

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